Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you fo reals?

I'm confused... I know that there are numbers that you call where you have to talk to a machine, but usually it's that you listen for your number and then the machine directs you to a real person right?? BUT does everyone remember this thing, it's a machine but it's called VOICEMAIL!! Wow what a concept a machine that answers when a real person is not there to pick up!

Here's what I'm confused about: why is it... that when people call and I send them up to lets say membership and then they call me back all mad and frustrated saying that they would like to talk to a person not a machine. Really? Did you not listen to the machine? Cuz you must have missed the part where it said they were unable to answer to please leave a message bla bla bla. Then I have to politely explain to them that real people answer that line they just all must be busy so if they leave a message (no one understands this concept either) then some one will call them back. Well, like I said, people just don't leave messages. So I get the same person call back 3-4 times because they refuse to leave a message and they keep trying to catch the person and of course it is always my fault that the people are not answering.

O the woes of being a receptionist....

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