Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Findings

Although Woody and I have been together for over a year by a lot.. we have never spent a summer together... Woody was in Kansas City last summer selling. And so far we have found some things out.

1. I wore a shirt the other day that is orange and yellow (a summer shirt) and he asked me if I had just bought it cuz he had never seen me wear it :) Just so you know it's mega old like years...
2. I have found out that laying by the pool is NOT in Woody's vocabulary. Thank heavens our pool has a basketball hoop or else he'd never get in!
3. The other day we went swimming with Heather, Jordan and Kakes and afterwards we went out. I had gotten sunburnt so I was needing some cool clothes so I just bought on a pair of swim trunks (don't worry the long ones) and Woody could not get over the fact that I would wear my swim trunks when I was not swimming, he made fun of me the whole night!!!
4. i found out that Woody does not like slurpees... abominable

That's it so far but I'm sure we'll have many more discoveries to come, I'll keep you posted


  1. man, I really liked woody until the part about the slurpees. Really? Is that kid even American?

  2. Sean doesn't like swimming either, but who doesn't like slurpees???? What planet is Woody from??!

  3. Sounds like me and bug will have to come and join you by the pool more often, I'm glad to hear that it is open now! And I agree with Kirsten. Maybe after we run for a couple of weeks i will be able to fit back into my long swim trunks and we can go out together

  4. Suuuuunscreen cuts down on sunburn and skin cancer, take it to the pool! that is sad about the slurpee thing, but more for us! how fun you have a pool! we miss you in ours, come swim!