Friday, April 15, 2011

Freshman year at BYU

As graduation draws near I thought I'd share some memories that I have had with my BYU career

I had some pretty crazy roommates my Freshman year. Always lots of laughing, singing, dancing and just plain goofiness

I met Natalie my Freshman year at BYU. She was incognito the first month or so of the semester, but then she got really sick and had to stay home for about a week. That's when we started to be friends. She's been my homegirl ever since and I miss her terribly now that I'm married. This was on Halloween.. don't worry we wore these outfits to Olive Garden, we were so cool
Audrey was my roommate Freshman year and I loved having her as a roommate, she was the best! She is such a good friend it's ridiculous. Audrey and I have been friends since like middle school so it was nice to have such a good friend start my new adventure with me!
Alex came up and stayed with me maybe twice? But at the end of the semester he rode up with Shani and came to help me drive all my crap home. We had a blast eating junk food and singing to "Love is a Battlefield" on the way home. I'm so grateful for Alex, he's also a rediculously good friend.
Audrey and I had a Vegas party one night. We made a buffet, drank Root beer and played cards. It was a lot of fun!
This is the dessert we made... We tried to make brownies, but unfortunately they were put on broil... so the top cooked and the middle was nice and gooey. so we put it all in a pan put some cool whip on it, crushed oreos on top and then froze it. It ended up turning out pretty tasty!

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  1. aaahhhh i still cant believe that u are old enough to graduate!! thats nutso! love u missu