Friday, April 15, 2011

hair throughout my college career

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't like me and my pictures were loaded in the wrong order. SO you'll have to scroll to the bottom and then come back up to get the correct effect....

Picture #6:
This one is taken now that I am a senior in college! I have now made a full circle and am back to the long blonde curls. As much as I love my long blonde hair I'm thinking about changing it. Now that you've seen a variety of hair on me, any suggestions?

P.s. I'm glad I look EXACTLY the same as when I graduated high school, wasn't I supposed to grow up during college??
Picture #5:
My hair has grown back and it has been died back blonde (by my ever faithful hair dresser Shani). But here is when I had added my bangs!! Woody hated these and they took a lot of upkeep so they didn't really last at that long.

Picture #4
This one is actually meant to go before #3. I added some darker tones into my hair before I turned it completely dark. Woody likes this medium hair color the best. But I think it's my least favorite

Picture #3:
My friend Kim and I decided to dye my hair one night because we were bored. It didn't really turn out that great. This is a picture after I had had a hair dresser fix it and make it look nice. Amy with dark hair.. you likey?

Picture #2:
After my Freshman year of college I chopped my hair off. This is it after it grew back a little bit, but it's still a whole lot shorter than I'd ever had it before.

Picture # 1:
This was taken my Senior year in high school. Here I have the long blonde locks, usually done in curls.


  1. u are cute no matter what u do...the nice thing about hair is that it can always grow back...and can always be fixed! go bold!!! now can we see ur new pics please

  2. I'm always a blonde fan! I love your long locks but I'm always down for a change since I just cut mine off. I think you have grown up, maybe just a little. Can't wait to play next week!