Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Through Kid's Eyes

1. What came first, the kids, or the marriage?

I have a picture of me and Woody on my computer and one of my students saw it today (keep in mind that we have talked about Mr. Palmer TONS in my class)
and yes, of course it was a little girl

student: oh teacher, is that your booooyfriend?

Mrs. Palmer: Husband

student: so you have a boyfriend?!!

Mrs. Palmer: no darling, husband


Mrs. Palmer: nope no kids

Student: you can't be married if you don't have any kids!!!

Mrs. Palmer: actually, you get married before you have kids

Student: oh

2. Satan is real

I had a little girl give my T.A. a VERY snotty comment the other day so I had her stay in the class so we could have a chat, and we were discussing the problem and then she takes out this:

student: (very seriously) teacher, do you know who satan is?

Mrs. Palmer: yes I do

student: Satan made me do it

3. Brown vs. White

student: teacher, can a brown person marry a white person?

4. Teacher is all knowing

Student: teacher, I just can't find it

Mrs. Palmer: can't find what?

Student: my mom said it would be in here. Where is it?

Mrs. Palmer: where is what darling?

Student: she said that it's like from the bank like a receipt?

Mrs. Palmer: I'm sorry darling, I wish I could help you, but I am not sure what you are talking about. check your desk, and backpack and cubby....


  1. hahaha u better what u say to those little kids...cuz what if one of those (or siblings) was born first then married....u never know! hahaa i love the things that kids say!! we cannot wait to meet ur class!