Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pee or Water?

So today I was eating lunch and grading papers when one of my fellow teachers brought a little boy to me...

He came in and as he came closer I could tell that his pants were wet.. hm...

Mrs. Palmer: Oh honey, what's wrong?

Little boy: Mrs. Palmer I was trying to come inside when I slipped and fell in a huge pile of water. And now it looks like I peed my pants, but really I didn't it was a pile of water.

(me thinking oh tragic he made it look like he peed his pants :(

Palmer: O that's alright. You know what, we'll just have you stand in front of the fan, and we'll get you dried off before anyone else comes back.

Boy: O good..... Yeah I was just trying to get in real fast because I had to go to the bathroom really bad and then I tripped and fell and I promise it's just water.

Palmer: ............... so, uh, do you still need to go the bathroom?

Boy: uhm... no not really

Palmer: O Ok...... Listen, I Promise that if you tell me I won't tell anyone, but I need to know, is that really water?

Boy: .... maybe not

He was so cute with his cover up story :) Don't worry he went home got cleaned up and came back with a fresh start

My students are funny here's two more:

Little Girl: " So at home I have this file...."
Pause, and looks at me really concerned,
"Do you know what a file is?"

After school today:

Little Girl: Oh Mrs. Palmer, you are just so lucky to have all this stuff!
How did you get all this stuff?

Mrs. Palmer: Oh, you know I bought it.

Little GIrl: you are just so lucky to have all these things AND you get to LIVE here

haha... although I feel like I live there I sure am glad that I don't!!!


  1. hahahahaha!!!! Love it! I won't discovered a yellow wet mess in my kitchen, but when I asked Alice she said it was apple juice. :P I really couldn't tell, but I just assumed it was pee to be safe.

  2. This is hysterical!Kids are the cutest! I love the stories! I want to see new pics of your room!

  3. Hahahaha..."maybe not."