Thursday, November 11, 2010

Funny Kids

On Tuesday I went on a field trip with my students to BYU. It was fun but pretty chaotic and I was SO nervous that I was going to lose one of the kids in my groups because they did not like to stay by me and also other groups kept cutting us off! MEAN
But my kids were pretty funny, I'll tell you some things:

They asked me these questions numerous times:
Is this your school?
You go here?
Have you ever been in this building/room?
Do you know him/her?
When I kept saying no that I did not know people they would say: Do you know ANYBODY here? Haha I guess I am a loser!

While in the planetarium, the kids were pretty funny about the star shapes. Whenever the presenter pointed out a shape in the stars they kids would say "oh, I knew that I knew that's where it was" haha of course they knew! Right?

On the bus ride I was used in rock, paper, scissors. Like instead of using rock, paper or scissors they said Mrs. Palmer. And good news I won!! Because I had super powers :)

This did not happen on the field trip or even in my class but my friend Jen in her class had a little girl tell her that she knew how to get a baby. So Jen said really? and the little girl said ya, you get a stick and pee on it and if it is a + then you'll have a baby but if it's a - then it didn't work and you have to get a new one.

haha kids are super funny :)

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  1. Haha! I love the "how to get a baby" story! Kids are so cute.