Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anniversary Weekend!!

Woody and I celebrated our One year anniversary this weekend YA! I can hardly believe that it has already been a year, time certainly flies by!!! To celebrate we spend two nights up in SLC and had a blast. My photos are not in the right order due to blogger being silly, so I apologize for that.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner. We had been walking everywhere all weekend long cuz of the lack of parking availability in SLC so Saturday was no different. Unfortunately when we were almost half way there it started to pour on us and we had no Umbrella!! So we ran pack to the hotel and grabbed our car to drive to dinner. HAha we were glad we did because by the time we headed home it was snowing and FREEZING.
Saturday morning we went to the SLC temple. This was the most beautiful temple I have ever seen, I absolutely loved it and I could feel the spirit so strong! Sadly, the rain/snow did not allow us to take a picture in front of the temple.. o well that happens.

We accidentally forgot to bring in our church shoes! So we had to go down into the parking garage to get them. I think we looked pretty good with our tennis on ya??

This is us after the Jazz Game, sadly we lost so we were a little sad but really it was a BLAST and we stinking loved going!
This is us at Carl's Jr. it was right by our hotel so easy to walk to :)

Funny story about the Jazz Game: as we were walking out of the hotel Wood asked me to check to make sure I had the tickets and I said, "Wood, I checked in the car I got them!!" (so i did not check then). So we walk and walk and walk down to the Energy Solutions Arena, and as we are getting ready to go in I start looking in my purse for the tickets and...... NO TICKETS haha. So we walked all the way back to our hotel and Woody found them in the car. After I had checked on them I had taken something out of my purse and they came out with it!! haha so the entire weekend wood would ask if I had something and if I would say yes, he'd say "are you sure??"
So I learned my lesson. It is ALWAYS good to double check!!

We had a blast on our weekend and I loved having a get a way with Woody especially because we have both been super stressed. I am so grateful for Woody for his patience and his love. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for and he is SO GOOD to me, I can't get enough of him :)

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