Friday, November 5, 2010

Woody and I are pictorially disabled....

That means that we have to try like 6 times before we get a good picture

First Try

Second Try
Third Try

First Try (New pose)

Second try
Third try
OO THat's what I wanted him to do!! And yet he wouldn't even kiss me behind the hat, so our faces are WAY too far about....

My family came to Utah for Halloween and it was tons of fun to have them here!! On Saturday I went shopping for material for Stockings for Christmas YA!! Then we went trick or treating at the mall, but were too late and there was no candy left so we went home and the babies went trick or treating. On Sunday we made cookies and candy apples DELICIOUS and hung out. I am so grateful for my family and how cool we are that all of us dressed up. They are the best!! And I love HAlloween!!

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  1. Your costumes are so cute...and the last picture is adorable. You succeeded in getting a cute one. :)