Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ultimate WISH LIST

1. Robert Munsch BOoks!!!!
I need these for multiple reasons
1. They are stinking funny
2. I need them for when I am a teacher
3. I definitely need them for when I am a mommy
4. I love them :)
2. Cardigans
Cuz I have none and apparently you have to have them if you are a teacher it's like a "must have" and they are real cute
3. Inheritance Cycle
This is the series that includes Eragon. The series is pretty similar to Lord of The Rings, but better, except for movie form. LOTR movies are good and Eragon movie stinks
I read these books over the summer and I really really like them and would love to own them
4. All of the Harry Potter Books
Wait.. how did this get so low on the list???? It should probably be put at number one.
5. Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books
These books are about how people go back into the time period of the Book of Mormon and also the Bible.
I love these books and I especially want them for my kids because they make the scriptures come alive and seem so much more real.
6.High Heels
Because I would love to have a different pair of high heels for every outfit.. that'd be beautiful

Now of course there is a million bajillion other items on my wishlist.... but I thought since Christmas is coming near I'd just send this out to the Internet abyss and see if people send me packages.. worth a try right???

oh... and a new bathing suit cuz I didn't get one this year :)
and maybe a cruise
and a trip to Disneyland..

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