Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today has been.. interesting. I woke up first thinking..." what day is it?" (usual question) "O it's Friday....why is my alarm going off?.... What time is it?... Am I supposed to go to work?"..... and then I caught on, "O, wait, it's only Tuesday. And yes time to get up to go to work"
Major Bummer to both realizations

So I get up and I still have nasty breath from the late dinner last night which consisted of some onions... YUCK (don't worry I DID brush my teeth last night). Get ready for work - gurggle some serious mouth wash and head out.
At work: I currently sound like a frog cuz my throat is feeling funny, I've got like head cold feeling in my head and it's pretty chilly in the office.. so I put a blanket over the AC unit, that helped.

The assignment at work today: answer phone calls of old ladys with great ideas for us to film in Washington, page people over the intercom (not my favorite), be surrounded by boxes and boxes, and put stickers on candy bars.. normally one would think then that my desk would smell of delicious chocolate (o that sounds heavenly) but no.. the stickers smell like, uh vinegar?? maybe either way they stink, my hands stink, my desk stinks....

So cheers to a Tuesday that's worse than a Monday, talk about Tuesday blues

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