Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

Today I had my last first day of school at BYU. I feel it went pretty well so I'll share it with you!

1. This semester will be unique in many ways
a. all of my classes are with the same people (girls have taken classes with for years now so I know all of them and love it!!)
b. all of my classes are in the same room, except for one.
c. Half way through the semester I will be in the schools mon-wed and then going to class Th and Fri

My first class was kind of stressful. We talked about the cohort experience and our application that is due in 2 weeks (oops I was supposed to do that over the summer) and the Praxis exam (o double shoot I was also supposed to do that over the summer).
My second class, social studies, was fun. My teacher is a doll and we had a blast learning about how obese America is and how little food Asia and Africa has.
Then my Science class was interesting.. my teacher has an odd sense of humor. We all went around the room and said what animal we would want to be and she said that 2 girls had unknowingly told us of their desire to have a sex change (apparently they picked a male animal) and then called one girl lazy (she wanted to be a cat) then when we were playing twenty questions she said that we were Satan if we asked questions that weren't yes or no.. or if we said more than yes or no... this class will be interesting.

3. Upon returning to BYU it is expected to see people you know. Yesterday I saw Heather's neighbor Justin as I was walking across the street. I saw a boy in line at the bookstore who used to work at BYUB (I actually saw like 3 people who work there but people usually don't recognize me outside of the office). I also saw a boy from my freshman ward, that was fun! And a girl that went to Aspen Grove to me. And of course all the random people you see and you think "hm.. you look familiar, probably had a class with them at some point!"

So I look forward to a stressful yet fun and exciting last Fall semester at BYU!!!


  1. lol so what animal did u pick and what was the meaning? haha

  2. I know! Last first day of school. Kinda bitter sweet! What is your major again? PS...cute new blog!

  3. I love knowing all the same girls in the education program, It's makes school fun!