Monday, August 30, 2010


Woody and I have seen countless blessings since we have been married and many of which have surrounded money.
1. Last fall when I moved back I was looking for a new job to start. I applied for a secretarial job at BYUB and once I was hired my supervisor told me that she already gave the job to three other girls who turned it down (because they got a different job). This job was preserved for me by the Lord as I was able to do to my homework while at work so that after school I could focus on wedding plans. It also has paid very well and I have LOVED this job (even though I sometimes complain)
2. When Woody broke his leg we had ZERO health insurance for him. His expenses after a surgery, three day hospital stay, ambulance ride were pretty high. We were blessed by the Lord then to get financial aid through the hospital and the surgeon's office that reduced our bill to a payable amount.
3. We were both able to receive grants that cover all of our tuition and books expenses
4. I have recently been looking for a new job as my school schedule does not comply with my receptionist job at BYUB. I have applied at numerous places but to no avail. i was planning on Friday being my last day at BYUB my supervisor asked me to come in Monday since she wasn't ready for me to leave. On Monday (today) after I finished my shift I got another job at BYUB!!!! A girl that I know sort of made up a position for me to have and I will be able to make my own schedule and will get paid a whole lot more than I could have imagined (seeing as how I was applying mostly for waitress positions who get paid like 2.30 an hour!!)

I know that Heavenly Father is watching over Woody and I and has taken good care of us since we have been married. Although this trials may not seem that bad on here, but going through all of them has been tough and I am grateful for the Lord that has helped us come out on top at the end.

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  1. Thanks for liking my blog! I am glad Heavenly Father is watching out for you. I don't know much about money, but I know He watches over me when I sleep. He's a pretty good guy, isn't He? Anywho...I need to catch some Z's.

    Peace Out, Homie.