Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recent Conversations

Conversation #1
Happened when I was looking at the requirements for a final paper. The paper had to be 3-4 pages single spaced. That darn single spaced, I thought everyone had switched to double spacing?!

Amy: Why do teachers sign such lengthy papers? They have two choices: a really good short paper, or a longer paper full of crap.

Woody: Amy all of your papers are made up

Amy: o ya, you're right

Conversation #2
Happened while watching the Jazz game.

We just saw a African American announcer wearing an interesting color green suit

Amy: Wow that is not an attractive color suit

Woody: ya your right, that is a funny color

Amy: but he can pull it off because he's black.. if that was on a white person he'd look ugly. But this guy looks ok

Woody: ya I guess

*looking at D-will's new basketball shoes, very colorful and bright

Amy: you know what, that's another thing only black people can pull off, colorful basketball shoes. They look good on D-Will but if a white person had them on I'd just laugh

Woody: I think you're racists...


  1. omgsh Amy/ are soooo cool!! Cute blog :)
    now do your paper hahahaha! (as I sit in the library not studying as hard as I should...)

  2. I vote Brody too but Chris is unsure about it. Your new header is super cute! I like to stare at my stockings like you stare at your header