Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach Trip

like many other times.. wood and i are great at taking the romantic pictures

out at dinner at the Cheescake for Woody and Shani's birthdays

Wood and I had a blast playing with the babies

us at the orange county fair

The always growing Albright Family

our last night on the beach

The water was so cold I would not go in without a wet suit!!

Woody and I had the amazing opportunity of going on the annual Albright vacation - a week at the beach!! Unfortunately this year it was a bit chillier than us but we still had an absolute blast. We spent a day going to Hunnington Beach to look at the shops, we went to the wedge, to the orange county fair and then spent some time lounging on the beach!!!
When out in the water woody was never ok with staying towards the shallow with the little waves he always had to go out and catch the big ones.. sadly they tossed him quite a few times. but we still had an absolute BLAST and are counting down until next years!!! Thanks to momma and poppa Albright for the vaca!!!


  1. Looks like a fun trip. I want to go to the beach at least one more time this summer so bad! You guys are such a cute couple. :)

  2. What fun! How 'bout next time I go there, and you go to Disneyland??! ;)