Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Thus Far

School has been going surprisingly well, extremely stressful but well :) What's great about this semester is that every class I am taking and everything that I learn in my class is applicable to what I will be doing! It is a wonderful feeling. Sadly: this is my first math class in my whole entire life that I do not love. My teacher is soft spoken and I feel like I have not learned anything... but hopefully we'll start learning soon. The best thing about this year is I finally do not feel like the minority. ECE is a smaller major than Elementary Education so when we took classes with them it was normal for the El Ed girls to out number us ECE ladies. But now it is all ECE and I love it because the teacher define us as being different and recognize us for that. It is nice to know that I can make a difference and I hope I will!

Me and Wood don't get to see each other very often. Mainly mornings and nights but it's make our time together special. And I especially enjoy our mornings together when I can sometimes make him breakfast and send him off to school with a smooch.. the simple joys of life

Wood and I looked at PA schools last night. He said maybe Alabama and I said.. uh? Where's that? HAHAHA He also suggested Maine. But I personally am leaning towards Nevada or Arizona. We also looked up Master programs for me. I am probably getting ahead of myself but I would LOVE to get a masters :)


  1. Nevada, nevada, nevada! Did I mention Nevada? I think Nevada would be nice, yes I think I did say Nevada.

  2. Go to Maine! It would be sad that you are Woody would be leaving, but I LOVE it back east. It's so gorgeous out there.

  3. Good luck with school! I wish I was back in school...I had so much more free time then.