Monday, June 25, 2012

Day7: Kefalonia

Kefalonia was probably our least exciting stop, but still beautiful :)

We found a nice beach to hang out by.. Woody doing his pre-swim stretch

Woody was the only one who got in this time... it was a little too chilly outside for the rest of us.  Can you find Woody in the waves?

Woody's Baywatch picture.. I married such a BABE

This beach had sand instead of rocks.. me likey

And of course, we had to stop and eat some Greek food!!

Woody loves his Greek salads!!

Woody was pretty sad to leave this day because it was our last Greek spot.  We stayed out for as long as we dared, and tried to be one of the last few to get on the boat.  
Farewell Greece.. until we meet again

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