Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 6: Athens

Athens was a lot of fun. Woody loved being back home and seeing the sights that he saw for 2 years.  It was way cool to visit all the Ancient Greece stuff and see things that you've learned about. Woody was actually really sad when we got back on the boat, he was not ready to leave his home away from home.

Woody was so excited for this day because it was the only day where we were actually in an area that he served his mission in!

This is Woody's church.  It was in a 3-story building, and they had all levels.  If you didn't read the plaque you would have never known it was a church.

Zeus' Temple

It was FLIPPING hot and bright.  So we had our fancy new glasses to help us out... but on this trip I found out that sunglasses make your nose sweaty

They were dogs everywhere in Athens, and the other Greek cities.  Woody says that people buy them as puppies and then let them go when they are adults.  The dogs don't really mind because everybody pets them and feeds them.

The muses 

The Parthenon 

This is us on top of Mars Hill.. where the Apostle Paul taught about Christ.  During the mission, the missionaries meet here and have a testimony meeting.  It was a cool spot.. but sad because it's definitely mistreated with trash and graffiti.

We bought some Strawberries and they were delicious!! Even better after we went to the boat and put them in the fridge to make them cold.

Of course we ate lunch and got us some gyros... SO GOOD

Capitol Building.. has the unknown Soldier there, and the changing of the guards. It is in the area where Woody would do a lot of street contacting.

To get around Athens we used the public train system.  We felt pretty good and it was fun to see the train system.  Apparently, when the Olympics were held in Greece, they weren't doing anything to get ready and had really bad public transportation so, the EU sent  Germany down to build them a train system.. fun fact


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun!!! We would love to see all those ruins! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Alright, I'm officially SO jealous of your trip! It's so beautiful!