Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 4: Corfu

Our First Greek port: Corfu.  Woody woke up extra excited today, he was ready to get into Greece and start speaking the language :)

We went to the most beautiful beach I have EVER SEEN.  The water was gorgeous and completely clear! 

The only down fall to our beach was that it was a pebbled beach.. so no sand only rocks.  It was a little rough on the feet, but totally worth it.

The water was a little bit chilly at first and it took Woody a long time to convince me to get in.

 He's had lots of practice convincing me to do things... so of course he won the battle and I got in

Even mommy got in the water!! We were all pretty happy once we were in.. the water wasn't THAT COLD

Daddy is shocked that he can see his feet!

Right above the beach was this beautiful little restaurant.. we got some drinks yum... check out those gorgeous mountains!

 A super old Olive Tree

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