Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5: Santorini

The city, Santorini is on a huge cliff, this is us starting out at the bottom

To get to the city we took cable cars.. they were PRETTY STEEP and they made mom and me a little bit nervous... but we survived

Our other option had we not taken the cable cars: donkeys

Once we were at the op, we took a van to get to Santornini.  This is a picture of Brad and Angelina Joline's  house... everything is white and blue and colorful, so they made their house... black

 The guy who drove our van was very nice and took us around Santorini and showed us all the favorite picture spots.

This hotel is in the above picture.  Our friendly guide told us it costs about $2,000 a night to stay there... WOWZERS

I would love to have a little patio like this overlooking the ocean... just be careful of the fall

This was Woody's first Greek food experience on the trip.. he looks EXCITED

Taking the first bite..


It's delicious!!!

We had a blast in Santorini, it was so beautiful there! And our first Greek food experience was so good!

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