Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 1 & 2: Venice

Woody and I went on a cruise with my mom and day in May.  We flew to Venice, then cruised around some Greek islands and came back to Venice.  Here are some pictures of Day 1 & 2 of our trip in Venice.

Our Hotel

Our Hotel was actually in a city near Venice.  So to get to Venice we took the train there and back.  By the end of the trip we knew the train system pretty well for our American selves.

Our First Dinner in Venice.  When we ordered water with our meal our waiter asked, "gas?" and we were like "eh... what??" And after him repeating himself a few times "gas? gas?" Woody final says "no no gas".  After the waiter left he explained to us that the waiter was asking if we wanted carbonated water.  Haha we had NO IDEA.  Good thing Woody was there to watch out for us.

There are NO CARS in Venice.  But they had a variety of boats.  They had taxi boats, bus boats, construction boats, mail boats, regular boats etc.  We loved watching all the boats in the water.  This is Woody and dad in front of our bus boat.

These masks were everywhere in Venice.  It was fun to look at all of them and see how extravagant they could get.

We got to go to St. Marks Square.

Mom and Dad unto of the cathedral

Here are some Gondolas.  They were pretty fancy and pretty pricy so we ended up skipping the Gondola ride experience... we'll keep to the ones in Caesar's Palace in Vegas.

Some delicious Gelato.  YUM

Little ITTY BITTY skinny streets.

Dinner by the water in Venice.  It was a beautiful view! And fabulous food and company.

Breakfast in our hotel was pretty tasty. They had some delicious croissants that I seriously wish we had here!

Fresh Food Market in Venice

Me and my parentals on the bus boat.

Inside St. Marks 

Mom and Dad couldn't help themselves... even in Venice they had to check out the Real Estate listings.

Some delicious hot chocolate (instead of the traditional coffee) after dinner.

I had a boy twin in Venice... I guess that means I have good style?!

Venice from the water.

St. Marks... such an amazing cathedral

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  1. love all your amazing pics!!!! so cool to go to venice and see so many beautiful things!!! so glad you guys had fun and sooo glad you made it back safely :)