Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life. Better or Worse?

When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and I would answer people's questions of "how are you" with a lack of my usual peppyness I got a lot of "oh just wait. It gets worse"

J mid-sneeze... he is still congested and sneezes whenever he is awake.  It's cute

It gets worse???!!! Although I didn't always believe this earlier in my pregnancy (no one likes to know when they are miserable that they are on an uphill instead of down). I was truly surprised to hear that after giving birth life would be worse then it was at that moment.

Woody loves his J man. Whenever he is home he loves to hog the baby!

Wasn't it supposed to get better? 
I mean
1. I would have my baby
2. I wouldn't be pregnant 
3. I would have my baby!!!

J and his buddies.. 3 stages of wakefulness. falling asleep. asleep. awake.

I'm here to tell you. Life is definitely better. Sure you're in a ton some pain after delivery for a couple days but YOU HAVE YOUR BABY and you're NOT PREGNANT

J did great at his first real bath!

I remember when people would say this I promised myself I would remember all the reasons why life was better

Here's a small list 

1. I am no longer nauseated!!! Wow I wasn't sure that would actually happen

and you have your baby

2. I don't have to eat every 2 hours! 

and you have your baby

3. I don't have to pee every 5 minutes... which means I no longer plan my life around bathroom breaks, now it's around nursing... give and take

and you have your baby

4. You can lay down anyway you want. Any. Way. You. Want. No pillows needed.... Although sitting is a different story for a couple days

and you have your baby

5. I am no longer dizzy! And my heart no longer races!! Feeling human again :)

and you have your baby

6. Although my belly is not the same size as before, it is no longer GINORMOUS 

and you have your baby

One thing I learned is that every pregnancy is SO DIFFERENT.
So for those of you who thought life was worse after birth I am so sorry! That is so sad to me.
 And for those of you who are pregnant and worried about life after birth, my opinion is it is so much better!

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  1. This is possibly the most fun blog post I have ever read!