Friday, April 25, 2014

Working Pants

Oh how I dreaded this week!! The week I became a WORKING MOM

You know it's true cuz I'm wearing work clothes and my hair is did and I have make up on (even though you can't see it)

My time with J was fabulous. I played with my sisters, snuggled my baby, took naps, and really just thoroughly enjoyed myself. There were multiple days where I thought "MAN I love the mom life." Ain't nothing better then being with my little man all day. 

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. (Why isn't it all BAD things must come to an end??) my time ran out and I had to leave my stay at home mom life (aka stay in pjs mom life) for the working pants life - side note I am thoroughly enjoying wearing my work pants again. I missed them when I was prego. Weird. I know. 

So the million dollar question that I've been asked a million times. HOWS IT GOING? 

Depending on who asks, coworker, family member, parent of a student, I give a different answer. And all of them are true!!

Super hard, fun, wonderful to be back with the kids, exhausting, heart wrenching.... 

I mean how could it not be sad when I'm missing this silly face:

Basically I cry in the morning when J leaves me. Every morning. But once I get to school I'm so busy and I love my kids that I really do enjoy my time there. And then when J gets home I'm so happy to see him but sad because I'm reminded of all the time that I've missed

Some people love to work. And I know a lot of people who feel they would lose their sanity if they stayed home with the kids.

 I honestly thought I'd be one of those people. I didn't think I would ever want to leave teaching, I thought I would love being a working mom. Well to be blunt, I wouldn't be teaching right now if I didn't have to. 

J's guardian Angel

As hard as it is I know I  am so blessed. I truly love my job and know I am doing good there. I also am lucky to have J with a family member for the rest of the year. It helps knowing that he is loved. 

So for now I will wear two kinds of pants: my working pants and my mom pants... but don't forget the wife pants, chef pants (I don't wear these very often), cleaner pants and all those other pants that unfortunately still have to be worn..

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