Friday, April 18, 2014

Sleep training

When sleep training your baby who is the one that needs the most "training" mom or baby?

For us, it was mom. That's me!! Still can't believe I'm a mom. 

When J first came home with us all fresh and new he was like most babies and had his nights and days totally confused

You sleep at night? Whaaaat??

But I knew this was coming and was 100% mentally prepared for this just not physically. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you could store up sleep for when the new baby comes?? You could have a box full of sleep and when you were tired you'd take some "sleep" out of the box and feel refreshed. 
Sadly you cannot. 

So when nighttime came around: J was awake. Woody was awake. And I was exhausted. So woody would always keep J with him in the family room while I would get a couple hours of sleep. 

Although this was great for me I think that J started to think that 9PM was party time!! It didn't help that woody thought the same thing. 

Party with dad woot woot

So after going back and forth I finally decided to move J into his own room. I was really hesitant about this because he was way too small! I'd miss him. And I didn't want to get up and go in another room to nurse him. 

At the same time I decided it was time to have a bedtime routine and a bedtime!! 

Now we had tried this like ten times. It usually lasted for a day and then I would want my sleep so J would go back into the family room with dad (hence the move to his own room).

We aren't strict about the time usually Between 8 and 9 we give j a bath, lather him up in lavender lotion (wow that's a lot of l's) and then woody puts him to bed. 

We aren't the type who has their baby on a schedule. Some people love this, but I like J making his own schedule. He eats, sleeps and plays when he wants. (within reason of course he's still eating every 2-4 hours so don't think I'm going crazy or anything).

He seems to be doing much better. Although i personally love bathing my baby every night (because he smells so good after) I honestly think the reason j sleeps better now is because he actually goes to bed! Such a novel idea. 

Everyone has their own opinion about the best way to help your baby sleep, things you should do and shouldn't do.  But really your baby is unique and they will decide what they like and what they don't like.  I've heard that you shouldn't spoil your baby by rocking them to sleep, but My baby likes to be rocked to sleep, and I am not complaining :)

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