Friday, March 28, 2014

One Whole Month!

Baby J has been with us for one whole month!! Can you believe that? I seriously can't believe it! But seriously.. it's been a month???

Time has flown and it's hard for me to remember everything about it.  How I love this sweet little baby of mine.  This is where most people say "and I can't imagine life without him" or "I can't remember life without him".  NOT TRUE for me... does that make me a bad mom? I love my life WITH him, and I don't want to go back to life without him, but I sure as heck remember it.

I remember when....

my boobs were nearly A not nearly D... too much info? Probably, but too bad
I slept all night long...  All. Night. Long.
my clothes fit
When someone called and wanted to hang out I could leave in five minutes without prior warning
I worked out
my life wasn't planned in 3 hour increments

NOW before you get all worried. I love my Baby J.  I absolutely love my life with my J money. And you couldn't pay me to go back to life without him.  But... I will pay you to take him for a night ;) Eventually.. not yet though, we I aren't ready.

Truly this month has been the best and the hardest month of my life.

For the next time I have a baby (yes even this close to the experience I want to have another) I want to remember a few things:

1. There will come a time when you can go to the store for longer than 10 minutes and not feel like you want to die.. it'll come and it won't even take that long!

2. The bleeding does stop. Right? it does right?

3. Every night is a new night.  So it's OK if you have to stay up for 3 hours rocking him to sleep, or if he stays up until 5 AM.  This doesn't mean it will happen tomorrow! And if he will only sleep if you're holding him, just hold him! Tomorrow you can work on it.

4. Life is hard when Grandma leaves.  But it gets better!! So much better

5. Every day is a new day.  Just because you didn't get dressed one day, doesn't mean that you will never get dressed again!! Enjoy the PJs for a day, there is always tomorrow.

6. Your little baby grows everyday.  Yes it's good to have him be awake during the day, but don't force it on him.  He will grow and he will learn and soon he will want to play during the day and not during the night.


7. Ask for help when you need it! Take some time to pump and have your hubby take a feeding at night.  Take a long shower while hubby holds the baby.  Get out of the house! Even if it is just to grab a soda or a snack.

8. If you have a baby boy, go in with him when he gets snipped.. no baby should have to do that without his mommy or his daddy. It's just mean.

9. He will never be this small again.  So hold him and snuggle him and love him and take a lot of pictures!

AND... in case you wanted some fun facts about J:

- diaper changes go much better these days!
- he has started to make noises with me while we talk :)
- he smiles all the time, yeah I know it's because he's just working his face muscles, but I still love it
- he is beginning to transition from newborn clothes to 0-3 months
- it takes him a while to wake up sometimes he will grunt and stretch and grunt and peek his eyes open then go back to sleep haha


  1. What a positive attitude you have! Good job! Those first few months are the hardest; trying to find and make a new schedule for everyone. He is so cute! LOVE all those pictures of him. He's lucky to have you guys!

  2. Ditto to everything Crystal said. And read baby's the best. If you want a short version so you don't have to read it then call me. I swear by it. All my kids were sleeping through the night by 10 weeks. And would sleep and still do 12 hours straight. Just saying. ;)
    Hang in there it gets much better. I would love to snuggle him anytime you need a break, seriously!!