Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to survive your first week of being a mom

It has been one whole week since we had our sweet baby J!  Like all new parents we are completely obsessed and utterly in love. I mean look at that face, how could you not be?

And like all few parents we are completely overwhelmed.
So.... How did we survive our first week you ask? 

1. Have your mom stay with you.  
She has taken better care of my house than I ever have. And she's so sweet she will come get j in the early morning so I can sleep a little longer. And she'll even check on you in the middle of the night when your baby sounds like a raptor to make sure you are surviving. 

2. Have the worlds cutest baby. 
When it's in the early morning and j and I haven't slept yet I just have to look at him. Then my heart swells and I am filled with more love than I could ever imagine,  and then it's ok that I haven't slept and won't for years

3. Get a doughnut to sit on. 
Seriously. Don't question whether or not you need one. Life is much better with one. 

3. Have the worlds best spouse. 
Oh bummer I already married the worlds best... Looks like you won't survive your first week!
Really though. I would not have made it without woody. He has been so good to me. Our first two nights home  he woke up with me and kept me awake while in nursed. Because I fell asleep, sitting upright,  in my rocking chair, holding j. World's best mom award goes to me.

4. Have your dad come too!
Baby loves snuggle time with everyone! And grandpa is always a good person to snuggle!

5. Wear your husbands clothes
Because... You still don't look like you used to. But it's totally worth it.

6.have lots of available clothes (for you and baby) and burp rags
Last night j went through 3 outfits! Today he is on his fourth. He really likes new outfits just like his mom

7. Don't be afraid of pee and poo
Woody and I have had multiple incidents where j has had an accident on us. I've had 2 incidents where he squirted me with his poop. I had no idea poop could shoot out like that. And of course, he's a boy so peeing during diaper changes is a common occurrence. 

It's been good so far.  I got my little puppy dog!! Because he makes puppy dog noises while he sleeps.  And I got a little raptor, because he sound like a dinosaur when he cries.  And I got a little turtle, because when he stretches his neck out it looks like a turtle with wrinkly skin.

I love him.

And.. if you are wondering about how he came into this world. I shall tell you later.

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  1. What a cutie! I'm glad you made it through your first week, just hang in there for a few more and you wont even miss the sleep! ;)