Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 2 of mommyhood

Week 2 of mommyhood

J is a man of many faces

But this is his most common face: 

I ...
Am Better at not sleeping, sometimes. 
Am Getting a smaller belly, but my thighs seem to be sticking around. I blame the Oreos. 
Am Really good at taking afternoon naps
Miss woody like crazy during the days- visitors welcome!
Have the best snuggle buddies around

Is exhausted. I guess waking up for work gets harder with a baby. 
Sleeps through baby j crying, that's an art. 
Loves his little man and is always excited to see him
Takes really good care of me and is very understanding of the fact that I'm learning how to be a mommy... Slowly learning 

Loves to sleep during the day
Has a party all night long
Has some serious congestion. Now he requires a humidifier and I have to squirt saline stuff up his nose for every feeding. Poor mommy. I mean poor baby.
Snorts all the time
Is getting chunkier! His little cheeks are starting to fill out. 
Continues to pee and poop on mommy but daddy seems to fare better.
Does really well at the doctors... Weird.  

J baby is Two weeks today:
He likes to pose

He's a pretty cute skinny little man 

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  1. I think my favorite thing in the whole world is a good baby side-eye... then I think, nope, I love the way they stick their little chins in the air while they're asleep! Thank you for keeping my ovaries satisfied. :)

    It's going to sound hippy dippy weird but I will tell you anyway... If you can get a couple of drops of breastmilk up his nose, it works even better than the saline. Waaaaay better. I used to use a little medicine dropper. Never used saline again after that!

    Also: we miss you. A lot!