Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I have siblings..

In my text book, from a study I learned that... "only children are likely to be lonely, over indulged brats who would profit both socially and emotionally from having siblings to teach them that they are not nearly as special as they think they are."

So if any one who is a parent is worried about their children fighting.. it is healthy and because of it your kids will not be brats!! Thank you Heather for taking advantage (when we were young) of beating me up so that I am now not a brat! hahah love you Heather (Adam Shani and Heidi were nice to me :))


  1. dude i was only thinking of u and your well being

  2. ha ha love it! oh and p.s. being a receptionist IS one of the most stressful jobs!!! They never gave me ANY training (because the only person who knew how to do anything was fired) and you have to know how to do everything for every person in your office, and they ALL have a different way of doing thigns! So i'm totally with you--every day is pretty stressful...it's definitely not just answering the phone.

  3. You are so funny Amy. Glad Woody is getting around on his own. I really hate that BYU does not have a Spring Break...but it is really nice that school gets out in April.