Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beware of the Ides of March

Woody is getting better and is moving around more. He is going to work and is driving himself! He borrows grandma and grandpa's flippin sweet gold convertable so, again, I don't feel TOO bad for him. He is getting pretty handy with his crutches and gettin himself around. The other day he came into the store with me and got to ride on the electric cart, you know the ones that old people use haha but coool! His leg is still slightly swollen really bruised and very painful. But as always he is a champ.

Simply because I can here are some thoughts that have been going round my head lately:

- Since driving Woody around and trying to be careful not to hurt his leg I have noticed that Alpine has the WORST ROADS EVER! There is not a single road that is smooth in the slightest, and I ask myself is this a small town thing? I still can't believe I live in a small town, so small there is not even anywhere to get ice cream!!!
- There are no street lights in Utah. Street lights are the best invention ever. To a kid, they are heaven on earth because when it gets dark you can still play outside and feel pretty safe. Also they are a needed commodity while driving. However, Utah has a general lack of street lights and it just buggles my mind. Again, why don't they have street lights? Woody and I's neighborhood is seriously lacking, I almost hit a dog the other night due to lack of lights, what gives!
- My job is going to give me ulcers. I work as a receptionist and overall it's a pretty laid back job.. I am after all writing this at work SH! Don't tell. but I definitely received like as little training as possible, basically all I got was how to answer to phone so I have had to figure things out by myself. Whenever a situation comes up that I have no idea how to handle, I always have a couple minutes of high stress before I come up with a solution.
- I am so tired!! Last night I laid in bed waiting for Woody to read scriptures and such, I was not planning on going to sleep just laying. I remember seeing woody coming in on his crutches and a package of crackers held in his teeth (his third hand) just remember thinking he was cute..and the next thing I know.. Beep beep beep it's time to get up!! hahaha I did not even make it for when he got into bed!! I am in desperate need of a spring break, but wait BYU does not have one, Crap.

p.s. did my title intrigue you into reading my post that it has nothing to do with? haha

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  1. hahha i freaking love u!! and i agree utah needs street lights!! its silly not to have them when everyone here has a million kids!!