Thursday, March 11, 2010

He escaped!!!

Woody got all his permits done (doctor's appointment) and was able to escape from his house arrest on Wednesday! Unfortunately getting out is not as good as it's cracked up to be, it was very very painful! But the doctor unwrapped his leg to a wonderful bruised and yellow and real swollen leg. We got some x-rays and saw the rod and the screws.... kind of gave me the chills to see the screws in his bone YUCK! But the doctor took out the stitches and said that his leg was looking good... still pretty broken but healing. Since his leg was still pretty swollen the doctor said to keep it elevated and that when the swelling goes down then he can get back to real life, he said by Monday would be the earliest. But Woody is ready to get going so were heading to work on Friday! Hopefully he'll make it were going to bring his blanket to prop his leg. But as for now my poor Woody is still hanging on the couch and I think it is starting to drive him crazy! Thanks again for all your concerns and thank you for your prayers we appreciate them greatly


  1. glad to hear everything is healing well!

  2. Woody & Amy, Hope you are having a good day today. What a huge ordeal for you two to have to go through. Wish we lived near by to be of some help to you. You are in our prayers!