Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movies and Cookies and Books oh my!


Due to Woody's injury (ok really just because we love movies) Woody and I have gotten around to watching some good movies lately.

The first new one we watched was The Princess and the Frog

Woody had already seen this one, he saw it in theaters with his family while I was at school (what a weinee). BUT I absolutely LOVED this movie. It was so cute and just like the old Disney movies. The music was tons of fun, the characters were cute and funny and overall a great movie! That I will definitely buy... eventually. Side note, the villain was super scary and I think I am now forever afraid of shadows.

The Second movie was Planet 51

This movie was cute and I did enjoy while watching it. However, I would not say that it is a must buy or must see. But, if you want to watch it and are in the mood I'd say go for it! It was another cute movie. And the good thing about this one is no scary villains :)

The third new movie that we have recently seen is Old Dogs

This one I actually thought was pretty funny. I really like Robin Williams and think he was just as funny as ever. I remember liking it while watching it, but now as I try to think about it I can't remember if it had any crude parts ... which I'm guessing is a good sign! Again, not one I would have on my to buy list, but I would for sure watch again it had some good laughs.


Woody and I have a slight obsession with funfetti cake. It all started with Woody loving it and then getting me into it (like most things :)) BUT when we were dating we used to always make a funfetti cake after a long night of homework, it heals the soul. And we have carried the tradition into our married life, we actually got a lot of cake mixes from the showers and wedding so we've been lucky to enjoy our cake without having to buy it. When my mom (she's precious) sent up woody's care package she included a funfetti sugar cookie mix. I was kind of excited about this it combines the old love with a little pazaaz. So we tried it on Sunday night as our dessert and oh my heck they're delicious!! The cookies were good on Sunday but on Monday they were even better as they got more moist (I believe from the frosting) They are addicting, heavenly, and death to my diet but I love them!


Woody and I have moved on from Tennis Shoes Amongst the Nephites (which we highly recommend) to Harry Potter. We are now both currently listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (#6)

I am just in love with Harry Potter, and especially this book. Seriously I'm addicted. This book is sooo interesting with all the background information it provides.. I could go on for hours that's how devoted I am :) BUt I have been reminded that the books are a bajillion times better than the movies. To all that are Harry Potter fans it is my suggestion to go back and reread the books. They're great!! And you'll have fun rembering everything that isn't in the movies.


  1. We now have some movies to add to our list to watch! Hope Woody gets better!

    p.s. Another great way to use up your cake mixes is to make cookies! 1 cake mix box + 2 eggs + 1/3 C oil @ 375 for 8 min = cookies out of your favorite cake mix!

  2. Amy! I love your blog. One day you will have to teach me the art of blogging because I don't know how to do anything on my blog.
    Yeah I love cake cookies. I have an awesome cookie recipe that comes from a cake mix. So if you ever feel inclined to try a non-funfetti cake cookie, just give me a call and I will change your life. :) WAIT! You might have already had them before. Yep, I am pretty sure you have. K scratch that.
    Oh and also...love Piaget, love psychology, love study of behavior...it's all so interesting!
    And one more thing...I miss you terribly.
    Ok bye. :)

  3. mmmm those cookies sound GOOD!!! now i want some :) I also really like Princess and the Frog. the firefly was SO cute!!! It was nice to have a good ol' fashion Disney movie again :)

  4. My Amy you are such a cute blogger, I love reading about you and Woodruff!! I am so glad the cookies were a hit! love you guys!

  5. Loved the movie and Book reviews, and I can taste the cookies. I love the Harry Potter Books, and I thought Planet 51 was hilarious, especially the dog robot. The Princes and the Frog was to scarey for me...I did not like the vudoo. Loved reading your blog, very interesting.

  6. Amy- I just love you1 You're blog just puts a smile on my face! I had to tell you that and you and woody are absolutely precious!