Thursday, March 4, 2010

The nurse becomes the patient and the patient becomes the nurse

Semi-decent pictures of the x-ray.. yucky yucky

Woody (Metal) just hanging out playing some x-box.. and all of you felt bad for him like he had a hard life or something

The GOODS most take from the hospital... tub full of bathroom essentials, pills, ice machine, breathing machine, portable potty, baby wipes, and of course a bag of recess cups

Everything all situated

Woody (now referred to as Metal) got released from the hospital Wednesday morning and has just been hanging out at home. I go to work in the mornings and then come back around one to take care of my handicap :) Unfortunately I am not a very good nurse because I keep not lifting his leg correctly which ends up in a couple of minutes of pain for Metal and me just saying "oops sorry! I didn't mean to!!" But overall Metal is starting to feel better and do a little bit more which is good. He has his next doctor appointment on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to testing out our handicap stickers!! Front row parking here I come... I always knew I deserved rock star parking.

But it is definitely an interesting experience. Woody doesn't hardly ever get sick and this is his first broken bone, so he usually is not the one laying around getting waited on hand and foot. Whereas, I am used to being the one sick and afflicted. So I am currently learning on how to be the nurse and Woody is learning VERY quickly how to be the patient. Having now experienced both I do believe that it is easier to be the sick and afflicted, all you have to do is lay around all day!! I guess the pain is a bit of a draw back though.... Hm. nah still easier.

We'll keep you posted on the status!


  1. Amy I think your post are hilarious! Poor metal!! Congrats on rock star parking!! I am jealous!

  2. Thanks Nikki, I'm glad you appreciate my humor cuz Woody doesn't think I'm very funny haha

  3. Amy, I love your posts too, so funny and honest! Poor Woody, I remember Dad having a machine just like that one, always on his knee, that is a good gadget to hang onto. We love you! hang in there!

  4. lol dear u make me giggle i just love we miss u guys and need to play with u!!

  5. What happens when Woody (Metal) goes through the metal detectors now? Poor Woody! Tell him he is in our prayers. We love you!