Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am fully aware that I do not say everything normal. Woody is always telling me that I pronounce 'milk' like 'melk' and 'pillow' like 'pellow'. I recently made gheridelli brownies and was pronouncing that with a 'j' sound whereas Woody (and a few others) informed me that it should be with a 'g' sound.... I have recently noticed that I delte the letter 'l' in the word 'always'. And everyone's personal favorite I pronounce 'dangit' like 'dane-it'... The list is never ending I swear. I also have the Albright girl voice.. we all sound the exact same, high pitched and all. I have been told a few times in my life that I have a hint of an accent, and people are usually disappointed when learning that I am from Las Vegas (apparently that's not where my accent should be from) However, I had an interesting comment today that threw me off gaurd. I got asked if I was from Texas. Really? Texas? Huh that's a new one.. I had said one sentence to the guy and the only thing I can think of that he picked up on was that I said ' how can i help YA' instead of 'how can i help you'... I guess I'll need to be more proper from now on and watch my pronounciation, word choice, and pitch


  1. there is NOTHING wrong with sounding like you're from Texas, thank you very much :) I have the same problem, in reverse. Apparently I disappoint people when they find out I am from Texas and have no accent. Go figure.

  2. haha I totally remember you saying Dane-it!! So funny. Don't worry, one of my aunts says breakfast "brethest" and I have a friend that seriously thought homemade was wholemade. Totally awesome.