Thursday, January 28, 2010

With Married Life Comes...

Woody and I have been married for a little bit over 2 months now! Seems like longer but at the same time, shorter. Weird how that works out. We are now getting into our grove of life, so I thought I'd share some if it with you!

- Woody and I are currently addicted to HOUSE. We started with innocently buying season 3 at Target during one of the big holiday sales. After watching this we decided we real liked this show and started with season one!
- The Jazz. Although this love is an old one for Woody it is a new one for me. Woody is turning me into an avid Jazz fan, and it all began by buying me a shirt. I now know the names of the players and am learning more about them.
- Puzzles. I have recently found out that Woody is a big fan of puzzles! After eating Sunday dinner at his mom's one night we stayed and worked on a puzzle for a couple of hours. The funny thing is, it was his mom's puzzle and she was in meetings so we finished most of it for her hehe. But after this we brought a puzzle home with us that is now currently on a table in our front room. This puzzle is stinking hard, and we haven't attempted any progress lately.
- Cooking. As a new wife I am learning the art of cooking. Mostly we stick to the basic easy stuff. We have made successful crunchy chicken (so good), Albright casserole, tacos, and other quick but yummy meals. I was so proud the other night. I picked out a new recipe and we tried it. To my surprise it actually turned out good!! I made my very first original (in that neither of us had ever had it) meal!
- Sunday School. Woody and I are Sunday school teachers! We teach the 14 year olds in our ward, and it is a wonderful calling. I love having the opportunity to sit in on his lessons every other week. Woody is such a spiritual giant and he is always amazing me with all of his knowledge! It's nice to have him there while i'm teaching so that he can answer all the questions that I cannot.
- Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. This is probably our biggest addiction. Since we live in Alpine we drive at least an hour, usally more to and from work school and home. To pass the time we listen to books on tape, and we are on the tenth book of the Tennis shoes series! We love these stories, it is so cool to hear more about biblical and book of mormon times. It is also fun to be able to talk about the story with one another, like reading books together.

Being married is the best!! It is always such a relief to be able to go home to Woody and to never have to say goodnight. It is also my favorite part of the morning when I go into wake him up and snuggle before I leave. I have the best, better than all the rest, husband!


  1. married life is very fun :) I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! You two are cute :)

  2. Love your story!! May you always be eternally--the honeymooners!love you!

  3. oh yeah, regarding the tennis shoes series, now you know why when you said woody went to greece on his mission, I said, just like harry hawkins--lol!! send me the chapter! love you!

  4. Cute little post! You guys are adorable together. We miss you lots and hope to see you soon!

  5. AMY! I'm such a dork, I had no idea you guys had a blog! I totally make easy meals and the crock-pot is like my best friends...but I get so excited when I try something new and it actually works! If not, we have tacos haha. We also bought all of the DVDs to LOST and have been OBSESSED. Also, we went to a Jazz game and Boozer is maybe the scariest person I've ever seen in my entire life!

    Anyway, love the blog! We can be blog buddies!