Monday, February 22, 2010


I have this habit of mine where if Woody asks me if I want something to eat or drink, I don't really think about it I just say ' no thanks!'. What usually happens is Woody will go get a drink or a cookie or whatever, he'll come back and it will look real tempting. So I eat some of his. With this he'll become a little disgruntled, mostly amused and go get himself some more. BUT last night he made a trip to the kitchen and asked if I needed anything, I responded my usual reply, 'no thanks' and off he went. He came back with a cup of water, which upon site I realized I was thirsty and drank some of it and he pulled out a thing of fruit snacks. I looked at it, and my eyes got real wide and I got a little smile on my face and so he said 'ok you can have it' and tossed it to me! Holy cow, I thought how sweet is he that he would give up his fruit snacks. And then, mischievously, he pulled out another bag of fruit snacks! Saying that he knew I would have eating his so he just brought two
hahaha what a smart man.


  1. Smart kid!! My mom ALWAYS does this to my dad!!! My dad even talks about how on their first or second date they went out to eat, my dad ordered a soda, my mom did not. There were no free refills. My mom then proceeded to drink all of my dad's soda (please remember they were not yet dating, just friends). He said it made him mad, but he blew it off. To this day, she STILL always drinks his drink. he should've learned.

  2. That few months of marriage is paying off already!! I have the same problem with saying no but wanting it when I see it. Must be an Albright thing.