Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ValEnTinES WeeKEnD

For valentines weekend Woody and I had the pleasure of venturing down to the b-e-a-utiful Las Vegas! Woody had to work Friday night, so Saturday morning we drove down to las vegas. The weather there was so beautiful it made me wonder why I ever moved to Utah... I know the reason I currently live there, just one, Woody. well and maybe brighton and Kherrington, and their parents but anyways... upon our arrival we helped out a little bit with getting the house ready for Heidi to have her party there that night and then pappa Albright took us frisbee golfing. What a perfect day for frisbee golfing. Dad and I played on a team and we beat woody!! Which is quite the feat because Woody is dang good.. he throws way too far! While we were playing frisbee golf we saw this group of kids in long flannel shirts, jeans and a few with cowboy hats and woody though.... what are all those polygamists doing?? And then he saw Heidi.... haha unintentionally we were spying on her during her date. Afterwards we hung out at the house for a little bit and then Woody took me to dinner for Valentines day to the Olive garden, which, as always, was delicious!! And VERY filling. On Sunday we went to Ryan's homecoming and it was sooo fun to see him again, he's still the good old Ryan a little matured :) he did great on his talk. We also snuck into Breyden's farewell and got to hear my cousins sing, which is always fun. Afterwards we hung out at the Newsons and played lots of games with the family!! IT was so much fun to be able to go home and hang out in the warm weather, I love the chance to go home and see my mom dad and heidi :) but now it is back to regular life
Our VaLEntInes DatE:
Compliments to Heidi for my outfit.. her shirt, earrings, necklace, headband, and boots... love going home to a whole new closet :)
Yes, were still just as ridiculous taking pictures... but I love them and HIM mostly Him

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  1. Hey girl! I just found you blog and I'm so excited! You and your hubby are so cute :) I'm glad you had a fun Valentine's weekend!