Wednesday, February 3, 2010

jAzZ gAmE

Woody and I went to our first jazz game on monday and we had soo much fun! We were supposed to go last monday, however our tickets never came!! So we bought some pizza and watched it at home.. I am proud to say I am officially a jazz fan.. I have a shirt, went to a game, and can name all of the players and a few other trivial facts about my Utah Jazz team. Woody and I had a blast, and since the Jazz are so flippin cool, and got six blocks, we got free tacos at Taco Bell!! Thanks Utah JAzz

My welcome 'to the fan club' game
He looks good with scruff and glasses... I married me a hottie
our first game with our jazz shirts


  1. haha u guys are hilirous!! i love ur shirts! we were bummed we didnt go with u guys!! we will have to do it again sometime!! love u!

  2. how fun :) I love doing stuff like that. However, I'm not sure if we can be friends since you are a jazz fan now...the Spurs will ALWAYS be my team and I had a roommate that LOVED the jazz and I always made fun of now I just don't like the jazz at all ha ha