Monday, September 1, 2014

6 Months Old AKA 0 years

My baby turned 6 months old last week!!


I could hardly believe it.. so I checked, I counted the months on a calendar, on my fingers, called and asked the doctor, and sadly it is true! He really is 6 MONTHS OLD

He is such a great baby. He smiles lots, babbles lots, and eats his toes lots.

Brighton tried to get J to smile.  J really loves Brighton and usually smiles for him, but he always knows when a camera is on, and he always makes me work for his smiles. 

After 6 months of life J is turning into a little man.  He is very interested in everything.  He is constantly looking around and easily distracted, especially while nursing

J is very interested in eating. He opens his mouth whenever I am eating and wants to take a bite! He really enjoys his rice cereal and baby food for like 10 bites.  Then he is bored and is ready to do something else... 

He has recently decided that blowing raspberries while eating is the best idea ever! This makes for some colorful raspberries!

He is an outside baby and loves sitting outside, walking, swimming, anything!

He has a new habit of smiling with his tongue out, he loves it.

I've recently decided that J has the perfect hat head, plus he doesn't have any hair so that's 
the only reason we will welcome the cold weather, beanies.

Even though it has been such a short amount of time, my little J baby has changed so much.  I have loved every stage so far and am loving that he now interacts more with me and his surroundings. 

Basically he's best the baby ever. 
And I feel bad for everyone else because he's not theirs.

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