Saturday, September 13, 2014

How does she do it?

I miss my summer life. Like really. I. Miss. It. 

I was seriously struggling. I was stressed all the time. I felt like I was not being a good teacher, not a good wife, not a good mom. You know how it goes. 

Basically I needed to put more time into EVERYTHING. And I had no time for anything. 

Cooking dinner? Sure I planned dinners and then..... Got take out

Work out? Hm... How about Saturdays ok every other Saturday. Wait what's Saturday?

See my baby? Definitely. I played with J every second he was awake and at home. But that was like 3 hours maybe 4. And I just felt a serious ache for all the time that I was missing. 

Plus playing with my baby meant no chores, no working out, no dinner, no school work. Maybe a shower, MAYBE.... SOMETIMES

AND it is my first time with a serious church calling. And by serious I mean time consuming. All callings are of course serious

I was frustrated. A lot. And I complained and whined a little. Ok ok a lot. 

Something needed to change because I had to work. No way around it. 

I know some people can do it all. Have multiple kids, work full time, work out, have a clean house, make dinner.... But I was finding out that this was not my talent. 

I tried some things. Like asking woody to help, not making dinner (obviously) and just trying to cut back. But I still was struggling. 

Finally I realized the one thing that I had taken out and that I should not have. My scripture study. 

I started listening to conference talks on the way to work. It was a perfect solution for me. 

I have felt such a change in my life since I invited The Lord back into it. I am still stressed and I still don't have enough time but I'm happy. I'm able to enjoy my life way more. And to be PERFECTLY HONEST because I am less stressed, I feel that I a more efficient with my time and am able to get more done. 

When life gets busy it's so easy to cut out your personal scripture time -  it seems to be the first thing that goes. But it's the thing that we need the most. 

So spend some time with The Lord and He will help you accomplish all. 

Don't forget to smile :)


  1. My husband and I have talked about this when we take time to read our scriptures and seek His help, we are more efficient with our time. It really is silly to think that we are so busy that we don't have time to seek guidance from the best time manager of all time. Thanks for the reminder Amy!

  2. Girl, you are a rock star. I am feeling the exact same except minus the baby so I can't even imagine. Love you!