Monday, August 18, 2014

Sleep training take 2

So I went on a vaca with my family. We went to Newport and it was tons of fun!! 

Sadly woody couldn't come so I was a single parent for the week. (Kudos to single parents, phew) But I have an awesome family so I had lots of help during the day...... But I was flying solo at night. Which was always the hardest part of the day. 

Of course j was sick or just upset about not being home and could NOT SLEEP. At night... 
He slept during the day of course. 

I was up about every 2 hours trying to rock the little dude to sleep and he ended up in bed with me every single night. As bad of a habit as that is, we were pretty snuggley and comfy! 

BUT I knew that it was time.... Time to.... Sleep train... Take 2 (GASP) 

So when I came home, woody and I basically just let the poor kid cry. And cry. And cry. And CRY! We'd go in and give him a pat, a kiss and tell him how sorry we were. And then he'd cry and cry and cry. 

We were lucky and it only took a few days, but those were some ROUGH days, I mean nights, 
no I mean both.  

I couldn't handle it and would leave. I'd go work out or go to the grocery store because my poor little heart couldn't take it! 

We'd even turn the monitor down so we couldn't hear him out of it and would just watch the lights on the monitor and hear him in the background. 

One night we just stayed up all night long. I mean there wasn't much sleep going on... at night

But I'm glad I did it. You know the kind of glad that only comes after the fact.... Like  after you've studied for days without even sleeping and you get an "A", or after going on a juice diet to lose some weight you're "glad" you didn't eat those delicous treats at the party, but you never want to hear the words "juice fast" again..... That kind of glad.

But now USUALLY not always but usually I can set J in his bed, walk away, and he will fall asleep!! Of course not tonight, because I'm writing about my success in sleep training, J would not go to sleep by himself. Figures. He's the boss. 

Ps why do I have so many sleeping pictures??

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  1. yay for sleep training!!! we did that with ender to and it took him 5 nights of crying!! totally felt bad but it's so awesome when you can lay them in their beds and they will go to sleep on their own :) good job momma!!!! Can't believe how big J is getting!! gosh he is so dang cute!!!