Friday, May 31, 2013

Saying Goodbye

This past Thursday one of my bestest friends passed away. 

 HIs family moved down the street from mine in the 4th grade (maybe the summer before?).  I still remember when my mom MADE me go over to his house and bring them cookies.  I remember sitting on the steps in his main hallway and him asking me if I wanted to see his room... so he showed me and we were friends since.

Growing up I danced a lot!! Ryan and Alex would always call me after dance rehearsals and come hang out with me.  And, of course, come support me at my shows

Ryan had a golden tongue.  He could talk anyone into anything.  Our sophomore year he even talked my parents into letting him come with us on a DisneyLand trip.  It's a miracle my parents let him come. We all slept in the same room, and Ryan slept on the floor haha

He took me on my first date! I honestly have no idea where we got the pictures taken!! But I do remember getting some food and then going to the Harry Potter book release.. Yeah that was my idea ;)

For some reason, Ryan loved planning a bank heist... I think it happened after we watched 'The Italian Job'.  I was to be the distraction.. because I'm such a babe ;)  and I'm pretty sure he designated himself as the get away driver

Ryan and Alex were the best friends a girl could ask for.  They filled my room with balloons for my 16 birthday!! Blowing up those balloons was a beast.. or so they told me!

Ryan was a staple in my life.  I remember this past New Years Eve Woody and I were at my parents house and they were going to the Newsons for a party.  Woody and I went cuz Ryan would be there, and Ryan said he'd stay cuz we'd come.  

Ryan was a family friend, and there were times when I'd come home from somewhere, and Ryan would already be there!

We were friends even when we didn't look fabulous... never was a fan of Ryan's black hair, and he was kind enough to mention how silly I looked with my fancy make up

Another example of his golden tongue.  Somehow Ryan talked Alex and I into going on this free drop ride at Lagoon.  Seriously, so scary! And I have no idea how he talked me into that!

Saying goodbye to Ryan was one of the hardest things I have had to do, it still doesn't seem real all the time.  I take courage in knowing that he has now found peace, and that he is with our Father in Heaven.  I am so grateful to know that Eternal Progression is possible, that life goes on, and that someday I will see him again.  

The Spiritual thought for the post comes from the song 'I Know that my Redeemer Lives'

  1. 1. I know that my Redeemer lives.
    What comfort this sweet sentence gives!
    He lives, he lives, who once was dead.
    He lives, my ever-living Head.
    He lives to bless me with his love.
    He lives to plead for me above.
    He lives my hungry soul to feed.
    He lives to bless in time of need.
  2. 2. He lives to grant me rich supply.
    He lives to guide me with his eye.
    He lives to comfort me when faint.
    He lives to hear my soul's complaint.
    He lives to silence all my fears.
    He lives to wipe away my tears.
    He lives to calm my troubled heart.
    He lives all blessings to impart.
  3. 3. He lives, my kind, wise heav'nly Friend.
    He lives and loves me to the end.
    He lives, and while he lives, I'll sing.
    He lives, my Prophet, Priest, and King.
    He lives and grants me daily breath.
    He lives, and I shall conquer death.
    He lives my mansion to prepare.
    He lives to bring me safely there.
  4. 4. He lives! All glory to his name!
    He lives, my Savior, still the same.
    Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
    "I know that my Redeemer lives!"
    He lives! All glory to his name!
    He lives, my Savior, still the same.
    Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
    "I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Goodbye to my life long friend... I will see you again


  1. Seriously love this. So glad he had you and you had him.

    <3 <3 <3

  2. Gosh this post seriously makes me cry. I hope you are doing okay. I am so sorry babe. So hard to lose a best friend and especially for how young he is. Hope he is okay. Thank goodness for the gospel because you will get to see him again!!! love you babe miss you lots and lots!!!!

  3. Well, just when I thought I was done crying, I went and read this post. I've been thinking about you and Alex all week. Know that the Laytons love you, Amy. Ryan was the best..we're all going to miss him so very much. Chin up, the gospel is true! xoxoxoxo Sister Layton

  4. Amy very sweet post. So fun to see all the pics, and walk down memory lane. Ryan was a great friend. I always felt bad we didn't take Alex to disney with us too, wouldn't that have been fun and funny??? but we did take Alex one time to the lake and even when you werent with us! You and Ryan and Alex were always the three muscateers. I am sure that Ryan feels of your concern and unconditional love for him. I also am grateful to know of the plan of salvation and to know that Heavenly Father loves Ryan unconditionally and knows him completely. We will all miss our friend. Love you!