Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Morning

I had a very interesting morning this morning. I had work in the morning so I woke up and was getting ready when I realized that Woody would not have to go anywhere while I was at work, so I decided I wanted to take my car, Ravioli today! So when I woke up Woody to kiss him goodbye I asked him if I had any gas, and I had about a quarter left, I could have taken it but I didn't want to fill up so I decided just to take Woody's.

Unfortunately, I have always had difficulty changing Woody's air (from hot to cold vice versa). It was chilly this morning so I was wanting some hot air.. and it would not turn for me!! It was such a little stubborn guy. Sometimes it just needs a little extra force, so I applied said force and.... I broke it. Aw great I thought no I will have no hot air AND I have to tell Woody that I broke his car.

I continued my flipping long journey from home to work thinking "shoot, shoot, shoot, I broke the turny dial thingy". When all of a sudden this car comes by me starts honking at me and points at my back tire.
So luckily we were right by an exit I pull of and as soon as I am off the freeway out pops my tire!!! I had a blow out!!

Luckily it was a nice couple from Provo that were on their way home from going to the Timpanogos Temple, dressed in their sunday best. But the guy was nice enough to start to change my tire, and after that some highway man came and finished it for him.

I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father was looking out for me, and that the couple decided to go all the way out to American Fork (so stinking early!!) to go to the temple, that they saw my car smoking (yikes) and pulled over and helped me change my tire.

Luckily, I have such a sweet husband who did not get mad at me for breaking the air turny dial thingy (it might have something to do with I first told him the tire blew out) but never-the-less he is the best. He never gets mad at me (which sometimes he probably should) and is the quickest at forgiving and forgetting, I definitely needed to marry someone as calm as my Woody!!

I guess I just should have taken Ravioli and filled her up.. o well

I forgot my ring today I HATE it when I forget my ring.. my finger is naked!!!

I have an odd craving for chocolate milk and perhaps a doughnut on the side...weird


  1. ha ha ha!!! I had a blowout on the 15 in Utah too when I was a BYU student! It SUCKED!!!!!! SO scary!!! The funny this is, I didn't even notice for a while. I heard this POP and honestly itsounded like a gun I kept driving ha ha ha But then I noticed I was kind of losing control of the i pulled find that the POP was my tire!! Thankfully I had roadside assistance on my insurance at the time so a guy came out and changed it for me :) and I'm glad Woody didnt get mad at you for breaking the turny thing. That can be annoying.

  2. That is a crazy morning! I've never had a blow out....knock on wood, but I have been a passenger when the car had a blow out. Glad it worked out though. Hope all is well.

  3. Wow, I can't wait to hear how the rest of the day went ;) Won't it be nice when you just live in Orem. We can't wait!! And yes, we need to schedule a hair date. It either needs to be a time when we can get Brighton down for a nap, or when some one else can be there to entertain him, or after he goes to bed.

  4. hahaha man what a day!! im sorry darling!! lucky there are nice people out there!

  5. My Poor Amy! I am so glad those people were nice, you have to be careful of highway people! I am so glad the couple werewith you! Hope all goes well and no more bad mornings! love you!