Friday, April 9, 2010

EasTeR wITh the AlBriGhT FaM

Breakfast at Chris & Shani's after Sunday morning conference... Chris & Shani were not there because they went up to Washington, but they were nice enough to let us eat there!!

Sunday was also Adam's birthday, it was fun to spend it with him... like father like son they look a lot alike :)

Mom bought Woody and I new shirts and they COOOOOL backs!! We still got Easter figts cuz we have no babies, that's a plus

Woody thinks that he is very funny and he does this thing called steam rolling... which means were laying next to each other and he just rolls right on top of me haha funny

this is the front of our beautiful shirts... they match

cute Brighton aw precious

The two little kids really like the big bunny that Kherrington has


All because these two fell in love ;)

The Wong family

We had dinner at Wingers and I was real excited to eat my wings so I had to borrow Kherrington's bib
Kherrington learning to walk pushing the already walking Brighton

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  1. Easter fun! Yeah The photos of all of you are darling and charming. I like you and Woody's new shirts. Good luck on your finals!