Monday, February 2, 2015


This one time in November we went to DISNEYLAND! It is the best place EEVVVEERRR!

For reals guys.. I'm pretty much obsessed with this place.  One day, when I'm not poor, I'm buying a yearly pass.. it's been my dream since... oh FOREVER

J was a champ, all the babes actually did awesome!  He would pass out when he was tired, and party hard right up until that point.

His favorite part was meeting the characters.  Seriously he loved them! And got the biggest smile and just waned to stare at them and touch them, it was probably my favorite Disney experience thus far

Seriously nothing is  better than kids at Disneyland

We stayed with Wood's family at a sweet awesome Disney house that was like mmmm... 5 minutes away? It had cute murals and Disney toys everywhere, it was fun!

CarsLand is definitely a new favorite!

We had a large group! the more the merrier right?

J's first ride!

Nap on the go!

We also had some beach days, went to Sea World and to the San Diego Zoo.  We partied hard all week long! It was a great vacation and we loved it!

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