Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Living the life

Oh man have I been living the life lately!! Never have I enjoyed my Christmas break so thoroughly!! 

I have loved every second. From spending time with family and having lots to do to spending my days at home with just me and my little man. 

I am just soaking up my days pretending to be a stay at home mom. Soaking them up like a shamu wash cloth. Ever seen one of those amazing things?? They are pretty absorbent!

As I have been soaking basking delighting in my days at home I have decided that I was born for this!!!! Seriously I rock it. 

My baby sleeps in!! Since he isn't getting woken up for daycare he sleeps in until 8:30 everyday! It's beautiful. I COOK DINNER. I'm still not cooking everyday but I am definitely cooking more often! I clean my house! I work out! I stay up and hang out with my husband! I do all these things and still have sufficient time to play with my baby! AND sometimes I even sneak some snuggle time during one of Js naps. 

I'm not saying that staying at home wouldn't get hard or mundane or stressful or that I shouldn't be able to do all these things while working...... but....... to me the grass is looking like a beautiful deep green on this side of things. 

I'm thinking of investing in some kind of robot. So I could teach through the robot while still staying at home. Sounds brilliant to me! 

Besides me, Woody and j have also had a great break

J had a stellar first Christmas and got spoiled by all of his wonderful grandparents and family. He thinks that life is pretty awesome these days with all his new toys. He goes from toy to toy to toy all day long. He got a little standing table and a walker and both have been helping him with his walking and standing (go figure). He is a champ at his push toy. He walks all around the house and gets the biggest smile. I love how he will go and find it himself and start walking around it's adorable. (Did I tell you how much I love hanging out with him yet?)

Woody is also enjoying having me stay at home. Because I cook I clean and I even will stay up at night and hang out with him! Seriously guys.... We're loving it. 

But alas come monday I will have to get up, I will have to wake my baby up, he will have to go to daycare and I will have to go to school. (I will do this because one of my co-workers recently threatened my life if I didn't return, and she's much stronger than I am so I have been sufficiently bullied into returning). 

But on the bright side J has a wonderful lady who I know loves him and I have a fantastic job that I have a love/hate relationship with. Mostly love. But hate too. 

I hope you have been enjoying your break as much as we have been enjoying ours! 

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  1. Miss you Amy! So glad things are going so well.