Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The life of my carpet

The story of my carpet lately has turned into a sad tale. Filled with towels and carpet cleaner and crunchy carpet that was accidentally missed..... (Well now you know)

We've had an unfortunate last couple of weeks. They have been occupied with things that should not be talked about in proper conversations. Since this is not that I'll tell you... Diarrhea throw up, pink stuff and of course water....and Gatorade. Blue Gatorade. 

The tale begins as many end.. The return home from a wonderful disneyland vacation (the fact that I haven't posted pictures is inexcusable..... I'll do that eventually). Sadly the combination of multiple babies and kids with a theme park did not bode well for the littles. 

J man and many of his cousins came home with a cold.

After many stressful nights I finally put my foot down and took the babe to the doctor. Turned out j had a double ear infection with his cold. Cue: pink stuff AKa antibiotics. 

The amount of wiggling, pursing of lips and spitting out caused a fair amount of pink stuff to end up on our extremely ugly and already dirty carpet. 

I'm not sure how long he was better for (like two days) before the diarrhea started. I'm sure you can all guess what (and how) got on the carpet this time. You got it. Pee. (You were thinking something else weren't you?) With all the diaper changes on a seriously wiggly baby it was only a matter of time before it took too long and the carpet paid the price.

Quickly following this the little man caught yet ANOTHER bug and the carpet was seriously destroyed.  I have never ever seen so much throw up. 

Not ever. 

I have nightmares about it

At this point in the game Woody and I were both sick and carpet cleaning was subpar. I am still finding crunchy pieces that I have to reclean..... Yeah I'll get to that later is usually my thought (jk ok maybe) 

Admist all the sickness and dirtying of carpet my little j still found joy in his journey and put the joy in mine as well. 

I hope on your thanksgiving break you were filling your stomachs instead of emptying them like us ;)

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