Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I found this picture the other day and thought that it so PERFECTLY explained life right now that it really just made me laugh out loud.  

And then I decided this is probably life 99% of the time.  When I looked at it I thought look at all those obstacles! The rocks, the water, the hills, the rainstorm....

SO I showed it to Woody with the explanation of "don't you think this is totally us right now?"  He looked at the picture and said, "Hey! at least we have a boat!"

What an excellent example of Woods and my relationship.  He is always MR. Positive.
For me it is always so easy to focus on the rough parts of life, and forget all the tender mercies and the things that are going good. 

There is always something in life that isn't right, a job we don't love, waiting for a baby, waiting to get married, waiting to not have to work anymore and stay at home.... everyone has their THING that they are wanting. 

That last one is TOTALLY me. I want to stay home with this stud man: 

I mean who wouldn't want to hang out with this cutie all day?

If I focus on how much I am missing, the fact that I don't control his naps during the day,  don't get to see all of his discoveries, have to wake him up in the morning (and the list goes ON AND ON).. then life seems pretty awful.

You find yourself in the rut where that's all you can think about it,
and the more you think it, the worse you get!

But if I instead focus on the job that I LOVE, my students who I ADORE, and the time that I do have with J life seems pretty good!! 

Nobodys life is perfect, no matter how perfect they look in their pictures! I know by experience how hard these "bad thought" ruts can be, BUT there is always sunshine waiting around the corner.  Find your sunshine and make sure to face yourself towards it, instead of the storm

SO even though I am not living my fantasy life, I am finding that I
  absolutely love my reality.  

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