Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Too Tight Pants

Oh. pregnancy.  I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with being pregnant (or am I the only one??). Even the girls who we all admire (secretly loath) for having an 'easy' pregnancy don't have it all that easy... comparatively.  The things we could talk about it. Nausea. Sleeplessness. Headaches. Pregnancy brain. Tired to the bone. The belly.  And I'm ONLY 16 WEEKS pregnant!!! And yet, these words are my new friends... you know the ones that you never invite over to your house?

I dreamed of being pregnant WAY before I actually was pregnant.  And even before Woody and I were trying I was drawn towards the pregnancy articles. (like a bug to a light.. like a bug to a light)  I especially loved the "dressing the bump" articles.  "aw sweet!" I would think... "I can be cute and pregnant".  I was totally prepared and ready to Dress. My. Bump! BUT, where on earth are all of the articles on dressing the chub?? You know the belly you have BEFORE the bump? Where people look at you and think.... is your belly getting bigger? Or....

No matter our size we all buy clothes that fit us.  And, no matter our size, there is a point in pregnancy where those clothes no longer fit.  Wait.. you mean to tell me these pair of pants that I have had since 8th grade (ya, I'm that out of style) aren't going to work any more??!! WHHHAAATTT It's rather unfortunate that this time has come for me.

Getting dressed in the morning now takes me twice as long as it used to.  Even when something still 'fits' it no longer looks the same, and there are some things that just don't work with the little 'extra' (in more areas than one) that I have. 

I have only had a few items that are now located in the... "after pregnancy, way after pregnancy, and maybe not ever again" pile. Today, however, after an eventful day, I had to add a pair of pants.

So this morning, I'm doing my morning ritual of trying things on, taking them off and tossing them on the floor, trying something else on, take it off.. tossing on the floor... When I decided on a pair of work pants that are my "nothing is working" go to pants.  

When I put them on I noticed that they were a little tight around the waist but, I'm tough! I can handle this! And I'm not even that big yet... So they stayed on.

Unfortunately, not my best decision.  My belly grows continually throughout the day (can't be too surprised since I eat 24/7) and soon my "kind of tight" pants turned into my "get these off of me now!" pants. There were some repercussions, such as, the tripling of the already too often need to use the bathroom, and a sick feeling that comes now when my belly is constricted. I quite honestly thought of changing into my sweat pants that I had brought to do yoga in that afternoon.. Thankfully I am not THAT crazy yet.  (I have however, undone my belt at a family gathering because it became too tight, that's legal when you're pregnant right??)

Baby P was not loving the tight pants today either.  Whenever I would sit down (And the pants got a little tighter) I felt a whole lot of movement from the babe.  He/she was saying "hello mom!! You are squishing me!! Get off get off get off!"(they get their bossiness from their dad) Sorry Baby P.. you had to be squished.

SO with a little bit of scorn (because of they pain they caused me) the pants are now in my ever growing pile.  And I am planning on getting me some pregnancy pants with an elastic waist. Done and Done. 


  1. get pregnancy pants with the big stretchy elastic panel...they are sooooo comfy! Also...maxi dresses are a pregnant girls best friend!
    You can make it! only 24 more weeks to go :)

  2. four words for you: Old Navy jersey skirt.
    Well maybe other stores have them too, but they're great. I have it in 3 colors and had them since before pregnancy and can still wear them at 36 weeks (ok I cannot wear them ALL day, the past few weeks they do get a little tight feeling after a half day). Sooo comfy and they can be dressed up or down for work or hanging out.

    And ditto to maxi dresses. I found a couple at Ross that are not technically maternity but sooo work. anything with an empire waist is fabulouso.
    I bet you look adorable with your little growing bump in any outfit! That is so cool you can feel him/her, I didn't feel our baby move until almost 22 weeks.