Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pregnant lady teaching

Hey folks!! Life around here is definitely getting much better!

My nausea is beginning to go away so I no longer feel it ALL THE TIME.  It just comes and goes and I find myself beyond grateful for the moments when I don't feel anything in the tummy (no hunger, no nausea, not stuffed etc.) For a long time I completely cut out milk from my diet (because my lactose intolerance got so bad) but I am beginning to slowly introduce it back in and I am, again, really grateful to be able to have just a hint of cheese on a few things!

School is keeping me uper busy!! I love my new kids they are simply adorable, as always. I have had some fun moments with them so far.

I have one little boy who raises his hand and I say "yes bob" and he always replies, without fail: "mrs. Palmer, I have a question"  (thank you thank you.. I had no idea)

Boy: when I look at the flag it makes me think of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and....
little boy sitting next to him whispers: and the Holy Ghost
Boy: oh ya and the Holy Ghost

I have another little boy who whenever I take them specials makes a heart out of his hands and looks at me through it as he passes.. aw so cute!

After the BYU game:
girl: Mrs. Palmer I went to the BYU game.  We left at (told me the exact minutes) and the score was (told me the exact score)
me: wow! That sounds way fun!
girl: ya and the next day the coach got fired because of all of the running that we were able to do!!
(teaching them young!!)

We did the JIGALOO song today to go along with learning the 'ig' family.  The kids loved being able to do their own jig, and we had a ball laughing and jigging!

I love my kids SO MUCH. I am definitely a lot more tired than I used to be and have to work a little harder to be patient.  But they are my favorite and I am so grateful for them.

Here are some belly pictures....

Oh AND I do prenatal Yoga with another pregnant lady at school.  I love the stretch it gives me and how relaxed I feel! It really helps my stress level after long days at school.  I did a 'regular' yoga today.  It definitely kicked my butt, I loved it!!

I have been feeling the baby kick since around 12 weeks and loving feeling him/her move.  It is definitely a miracle of life!!

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