Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flag Football!!!!

Wood has been playing flag football with some of the boys from the ward and they just had their semi-final game! Sadly.. it did not end so well But I got to bring my fancy camera and try out my ZOOM lens! SHVEET! Well I learned that it's a lot harder than one may think, you have to ALWAYS be ready and focused on the person you want. I definitely did not watch as much of the game as I would like mostly I just tried to stay focus on Woody.. here are some of the end results:

This one I'll probably end up playing with in photoshop, but it turned out O.k.
Poor kid, couldn't keep up with my man

this is a pretty good one, if I do say so myself
this one isn't really in focus but he's got a cute smile
After spending almost the entire game with my eye in the lens I now appreciate why my mom did not like video recording or taking pictures of events because you really do not get to truly enjoy it! But the pictures are fun!!

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